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Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy-to-Learn, Proven Communication Skills

SoulWork Press
Publication Date: November 2011
Price: $20.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-0983965992

Immediately Transform Your Relationships

               Enhance Your Career – Enhance Your Relationships!
The way we think, speak, move, respond and look at others all have an impact in how we communicate and the outcomes of our relationships. Learn skills to immediately change the quality of your communications and create a more fulfilling life for yourself – and others!

Become Certified as a Behavioral Engagement
Communication Facilitator

Create the quality relationships you want to be come a more effective executive, health practitioner, leader, teacher, partner or friend with an 8-week on-line webinar training that leads to a certificate as a Behavioral Engagement Communication Facilitator.

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This 8-week webinar training includes 5-webinar seminars, with downloadable hard copy PDF handouts, 3 on-line streamed video classes, video samples of professionals demonstrating the best and worst examples of communication facilitation, individualized course assignment feedback and program certificate.

The cost of the 8-week, on-line program is $357.00 and requires the reading of the book, Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy to Learn, Proven Communication Skills. Participants receive a certificate in Behavioral Engagement Communication Facilitation.

Read what experts say about Behavioral Engagement and how it can enhance your work and life and “turn relationships that are struggling or suffering into relationships that are thriving!”

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