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Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy-to-Learn, Proven Communication Skills

SoulWork Press
Publication Date: November 2011
Price: $20.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-0983965992

Immediately Transform Your Relationships

Reviews of Changing Behavior – The Bestselling, Award Winning, Top Rated book in Relationships!

“Recommended as a top-tier psychological self-help manual… [a] strikingly original case for the transformative power of receptiveness."
Kirkus Reviews
“Bravo for Changing Behavior! This unique little book contributes important interpersonal insights to the field of behavior change, while it identifies an excellent blueprint for creating healthy and fulfilling relationships.”
John B. Livingstone, MD
Chaired Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School
5 STARS – “Recommended for a wide readership”…“innovative”…“engaging”…“[a] lively presentation.”
Foreword, Clarion Review
"Changing Behavior is a choice pick for community library psychology and self-help collections."
    MidWest Book Review
“The process of Behavioral Engagement has the potential to transform relationships that are suffering or struggling to ones that are thriving!”
James O. Prochaska, PhD
Director of the Cancer Prevention Research Center,
University of Rhode Island
 Author of Change for Good

“If someone said you could transform your life and enhance your relationships by using a few simple communication techniques that can be applied in almost any setting, wouldn’t you want to do that? Wouldn’t you want to learn those skills? If the answer is yes, you’ve picked up the right book. This easy to read guide is loaded with simple skills that have been scientifically shown to have a huge impact on our relationships!”

Beth Borg, RN, MHA
Clinical Operations Administrator, the Mayo Clinic
“Written with skill and supported by research and common sense, Changing Behavior strips down emotional problem solving to a fundamental step-by-step approach, which was empowering for me as a physician. Change comes from the recognition of whole behavior, which has been masterfully done in this book!”
John Wigneswaran, MD — Fresenius Medical Care
“Dr. Donadio has provided readers with a concise, fascinating and provocative window into the heart and soul of what it means to be human. Read it and find yourself and your relationships changed for the better!”
Lori Gray Boothroyd, PhD — Psychologist
“An important and timely book that hits the mark on what is really happening with today’s run-away behavior problems in the U.S. A must read for anyone who wants to transform their professional or personal relationships.”
Alan Gass, MD, FACC
Medical Director of Organ Transplantation
Winchester Medical Center